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Far away destinations

 From small paintings I decided somewhile later to be bolder. So I upsized, enjoyed the experience, and set about capturing the sense and character of the lovely, characterful places from my past, doing it my way.

Here, "The Silk Road", the ancient trading route between China, Africa and Europe, was for me about trying to capture the richness of its history. My first ever aeroplane flight was in 1989 at age 20 when I was invited to T'blisi, Georgia by a family I had met in Bucharest when I was acting as their tour guide. I had a real tug of war with my parents at an airport in Moscow (who had heard all sorts of not so good stories about that lovely country) before boarding my Aeroflot flight. But I broke free, physically and emotionally, went anyway and have great memories as a reward. 

Geishas .... why geishas ..... because of their dedication to this old and fascinating craft of being ... a geisha ... because of their commitment and appreciation of effort, beauty and do much more.