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My blog, shop and facebook

MY GALLERY: Three years ago I decided to learn how to create and to maintain my own web presence. It was the only way to ensure that my on-line activities are always up-to-date as I could not afford to have a professional to do this for me - and it wasn't necessary either. I searched for easy to use free and low cost templates and I found them, mainly in the USA. 

MY BLOG: I decided to write a blog on art, literature, food, wellbeing and sometimes Romania. I decided to use the Typepad template because it is easy to update - and because you can have a few free sites as well if you pay for one! You can link to my blog by clicking on  www.searchingforhappiness.typepad.com

MY SHOP: I have registered with and tried a few on-line art sales sites. In the run-up to Christmas 2013 I decided to extend my late night intuitive art creation activities to produce affordable original art that might also be useful to my lovely buyers. One of the sites I registered with really worked well and I sold my production to all corners of Australia (thank you), to North America (thank you) and to places as far away as an island off the coast of Norway, and Turkey, Cyprus and more (thank you, thank you). In all I sold affordable items (up to £30 each) into ten countries. PayPal also works really efficiently. You can link to my shop by clicking on www.etsy.com/shop/searching4happiness   

FACEBOOK: I upload almost daily onto Facebook. Now that I have the hang of using my iPhone to make video / sound clips I am slowly extending my repertoire to do what so many others do now, using moving images and sound effects to really communicate what I am sensing - visual arts becoming performing arts. Anyway, you can link to my Facebook page by clicking here