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Conversations through Art

These days, when I get the chance, I hold "alternative arts" workshops for those who just love to pick up a paint brush from time to time but who feel that they have nothing more to give in terms of creative output. 

I am a real believer in the intuitive art system. It is a layering process, one after the other, having unconstrained fun with no image, no ultimate creative destination in mind, colouring and mark making, layer upon layer, to build textures and multi-colour blends - then using our imagination and our ability to innovate by developing a painting from just a hint of an image staring at us from among the multi-layered chaos - is truly rewarding. 

I include finger painting in my workshops because the uninhibited fun and feeling of freedom that comes from tactile finger sensing really does encourage experimentation, you just forget everything that went before. Painting big is ... one of my passions. Now that really does unblock the creative mind in a fun way. I couldn't believe the sense of freedom I had when painting 1m by 1m or bigger canvasses for the first time.