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Welcome to my Artweb gallery.

It tells the story of my journey as a painter. I hope you like my small selection of paintings.  

I started painting in Bucharest, Romania in late 2003 when I needed to calm my traumatised mind. Progress to start with was slow but fascinating, but that was ok for me because speed doesn't matter, progress is progress. It has since become a beautiful friendship with my brushes, my paints, my fingers, my canvasses, my paper, the many bits and pieces that find their way into my paintings - and important friendships with talented artists from all over the world who I have met in on-line tutorials over the last few years, relationships that have developed into collaborations. Art in all its forms has changed my life - hugely for the better.

Two small paintings on this page are where it really all began for me, in England, in 2004. "My image of England" and "A sailing boat" were among my very first attempts at intuitive paintings ever. Even then the pattern for my paintings, the use of vivid colours, was set.  

Having grown up under a brutal Stalinist regime (my story is here) where there were rules for everything, and everything around me was grey, and life itself was grey, art released in me a strong desire to break free, to think, act and paint for myself.   

Please do get in touch.

PS If you double click on the images they will enlarge.