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Welcome to my end of 2013 gallery. It's full of personal stories. For me, that's what paintings are, what they capture.

On this home page there is a very special story for me, the beginning of my art journey. It is represented by two watercolours painted in 2005 - "My image of England" and "A sailing boat". I apologise for the quality of the images when you expand them (if you double click on each image you can see greater detail) but to have them here reminds me that, right from the start, vivid colours were an essential part of who I am as an artist.     

I started painting as a self healing process in our small flat in Bucharest, Romania. It has since become a beautiful friendship with my brushes, my paints, my canvasses, my paper and the oh so many bits and pieces that find their way into my images. Having grown up under a communist regime (my story is here), where there were rules for everything, and everything was grey, art released in me a strong desire to break free, to avoid conforming to anyone else's way of doing things, to brighten my life with bright colours. I just paint what comes into my head as long as I can feel a story coming. I don't sketch, I just start with a line or a colour or a shape and let the rest emerge. Breaking free is now a journey for me, it is not an end in itself.

One of greatest blessings of becoming an artist at this time in history is the ability to connect with like minded people all around the world. Art connects, art heals, art brings the best out of each and every one of us. And so it is that what I have been most proud of in 2013, without doubt, has been the chance to take an active part in a truly international project lead by a lovely, awakened soul in America, Jill Chesrow. The result of the project is a collaborative production of oracle cards "Awakening to your divine self". To find out how 39 intuitive artists from all over the world took part in what, for me, became a magical family project, have a look at our project website www.fearless-sisters.com

And while thinking of links, only if you would like to, you can also see more of my paintings at www.corina-stupu-thomas.artistwebsites.com and you can find out about my work as a coach at www.corinastuputhomas.com. I also have a shop at Etsy shop where I upload items from time to time that can be bought. You can also connect with me via Facebook (Corina Stupu Thomas) and Twitter (@corinathomas).

Thank you for visiting my gallery. I hope you like it.